PROJECT in 2000: Dot Wall

We'll be making a black room with Flourscent dots all over the walls and have a person covered with a black cloth painted with the dots in the room.

Adendum: This was an email to me sent from Nick Collins about a more efficent way to do the 'dots':

"I was pleased to hear that Gesso worked for your polka dot room, but in the past, I have saved LOTS of time and effort by going to Wal-Mart or an art supply store and buying a package of round "yard sale stickers".  They are about 1" in diameter and come in neon colors such as yellow, pink, blue and orange.  In my haunt, I bought 2 packs for about $3 and that gave me about 1000 stickers.  They stick to almost anything and go up really quick.  You'd just have to test to see if they stick reasonably to your fabric.  I understand that if you wanted to use the panels year after year, that the paint may be a better way to go.  Just thought I'd let you know another option :)"

Finally we found cloth that was a dollar a yard. It's 5' wide. We cut it into 9' long Lengths.
Here's our tester piece. As you can see it took us forever to figure out how to get the paint to look right.
What went wrong?
After a few hours of nothing looking right, my mother got smart and called an art store. Actually, it's called "The Art Store". They sugessed using a paint called "Gesso" It's a black frabric paint made for painting on canvas. We went to the store and bought this Gesso stuff and also flourscent acrylic paint.
Making circles is an art form that takes years to master.
Now try making a lot of them.
After the Gesso dried we applied the flourscent paint to it.
The final product. There are 8 sheets of this to cover our entire room. For the costume that blends in, we just took another sheet, folded it in half and cut a hole in the middle to stick our head through. We'll be wearing a black hood with no face like the one in the "Extended Arms" section.
On the bottom right there's all the pok-a-dot walls rolled up. They don't take up very much room at all =)