PROJECT in 2000: Full Maze


Well, Here's the maze for 2000. Be Sure to look at the 3D Animation.
I made a 3-D animation of what the right side of the map should look like.
Check it out.
Shift-Click on the picture to download.
A top down View in wire frame with descriptions of rooms.
A top down View
An Isometric View
Here we are cutting the PVC from last year into smaller pieces. We want to be able to put the maze together like tinker toys.
We put together a section of pvc to see how high we wanted the section where people will have to duck to get through.
It's 4' tall and 6' long
The fence looks so much better when it's on grass.
Later that day we went to Home Depot and bought 300 more feet of pvc. A PVC pipe cutter is the way to go.
Here's about ¼ of the 2 footers.