PROJECT in 2004: Half Buried Coffin
This is a semi simple way to build a coffin that looks like it's half way into the ground. The most difficult part was to work out the bottom so it sat in a tilted fashion.

I would give more detailed instructions, but this was made by the seat of our pants. If you have basic building skills, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
We found dirty fence boards which immediately yields an old look.
We cut one of the boards in half longways and used that as the cross members.

For this cut we used a table saw. It's a little risky, so if you're nervous, use a handsaw.
I believe we started out with the whole thing standing straight before we attached all the sides. We then sawed angles to make it stand crooked.
Here it's mostly assembled and standing cooked.
For the cross, we drilled out holes and filed a look we wanted.
The final product. We think it looks great. We put a red light in it to illuminate the cross at night.

Though, every year I pull this thing out, I think how I could build this to collapse without needing to use screws (we haven't taken it apart so it takes up room in storage). Perhaps some powerful magnets or hinges with pins like our entrance.