PROJECT in 2001: Ghosts Made of Cheese Cloth

Wanting a little more atmosphere, ghosts were in order.

Using Fans on these suckers gave them a great animated effect.  Also, the fans blowing on the TOTs made the whole area chilly.  This produced a undead feeling.


Here's a skull we found.  It's rubber over a foam mold.

Found them at Party city for $3.00

We taped two wire ends together.  The wire has a bend at the top.  This 'hook' catches back into the head so the wire doesn't pop out.

Cutting a hole on the top of the head, we shoved the wire through the bottom up out the top of the cut hole.

Here's the wire sticking through the top of the skull.

The arms were bent at the elbow.

Here's us testing the cheese cloth over the frame.  We haven't soaked it in the rit whitener yet.

OOOOooooo, scary =)

We had a lot of cheese cloth.  To speed things up, we decided to put it in the washer with the rit whitener.  Then in the dryer.

This made it a huge fluffy tangled mess.  After straightening it out, the tattered look worked rather well.

Here's the ghost with the tattered cheese cloth put on.  To tatter the cloth, we simply shredded it with a knife or scissors.

The final product under blacklight.

It's amazing how much the rit whitener helps.