PROJECT in 2000: Wraught Iron Fence
Rot Iron Fence Project made from wood and PVC.

The whole thing is based on gravity, the bolt keeps the horizontal boards from slipping down.

Over the years we have refined our setup process and do not use the bolts anymore. We now use black electrical wire, the stuff with the solid copper core, and simple slide 2 inch sections through the holes and bend them down. It's cheaper and it's a lot faster to set up.
The pvc pipes are cut to 2 foot lengths I drilled holes in them about 6 inches from the top and bottom for the bolts to fit through.
I drilled holes with a 7/8" bit for the pvc to fit through.
The holes are 1' and 9/12ths apart from the edge as to make spacing from one section to the next even.

Again, we are now using 2 inch wires instead of bolts. We slip them through and bend them down.
I painted the pipes with black primer spray paint.
The wood is 1" x ½" cut to 4' lengths and again spray painted.
Here they are put together, I didn't bother painting the bottom part of wood, people wouldn't see it.
The don't look so great on the floor. I might use them for railroad tracks =)
When I put them on the grass I was much more happy with the result. Yay, another project complete