2008 Haunt

2008 was a smaller year Halloween wise due to a new little monster. Our 5 month old, Dade! Or, as we like to call him here, Darth Dader!

This year we decided to lose the maze and just make a scare area like in 2003's graveyard. I was disappointed with the lack of Trick or Treaters in general. For a Friday, I expected more. The scare zone had it's pros and cons. TOTs were slightly disappointed that it was smaller and a little confused on where to go. The benefits were that the monsters were able to roam freely and chace guests around. In addition, there was a lot less work overall. I think with some fine tuning, the scare area could be turned into more of an "open" maze. Which would give the TOTs more of a flow on where to go but also allow the monsters to roam more freely.

And here's the little monster, Dade. Again, known as Darth Dader!
This year at work we had a "decorate your cubicle" contest. Most people thought it was unfair that I was in the competition. I wound up decorating the entire room. Only one other group entered the competition. Naturally we won. :)
And here is this Haunt. Again, this is more of a scare area than a maze. We got corn stalks this year and I think they added a lot of detail to the graveyard.
The slider knee pads. More info here