2005 Haunt
I have added some videos. Click here to go to them.
Pre-visual mockups testing if two canopies will fit.
The frame for the forest area. Jennie's father was very generous and suggested mounting permenant bolts into the house and fence. Since we have a storage unit now we labeled all the wood and setup for this side should be a breeze next year.
Just a few screws to attach the top parts of the frame.
Lots of shredded DORP.
The entrance to the forest. It's a zig-zag through it.
A test of the new ghosts.
Graveyard setup. This went up before the forest. Usually about 3 weeks before Halloween.
Ever since I've been to Knott's Scary Farm years ago I had to find out what this webbing was. When I worked there in 2002, I asked. I found out that it was beef netting. It's hard to find in smaller quantities but is well worth it in my opinion.
Night shots.
Some tests of the Tall Guy in at night.
These were tombstones that were never finished from last year. We put these in on Halloween weekend.
Halloween weekend setup.
Our new ghost/mask room was a huge success. It instantly made it onto our "Must have / Guarenteed Scare" list. It's a simple concept: Make ghosts based on the project on this site with the skulls painted with glow paint, buy cheap masks and paint them glow as well, hang ghosts/masks with black string, use black cloth to avoid blacklight reflection, wear a black costume with a glow mask, add a little fog, and scare the piss out of people.
This "Jason" mask was a fluke, it's hanging at human length near the end of this room. Everybody thought it was real, including me everytime I walked by. It was a wonderful diversion for the real talent near the "Jason" mask to scare guests.
The 2005 Crew...
Halloween Night Graveyard.
And November 1st teardown. Everything was packed, organized, and moved into storage.
Until next year...
Night Time Walkthrough

Day Time Walkthrough