2001 Haunt
Setting up all the rebar the day before halloween. The tape is on the tops so people can see them.
Our 'dead' tree tied to rebar.
The first PVC
The supports for the maze
Another view
Our extension for the maze
Another view
The top lattice work put together
The back wall for our graveyard area
Walls are making the maze look like something more substantial
From afar
Covering the extension
Hangman :)
Building wall of graveyard
Entrance being set up
Shredded doorways
Corpse on 'DORP' (Erosion control netting)
The 'DORP' really adds a lot more atmosphere
Poka-Dot room, a Trick or Treater favorite :)
With the 'DORP' in the back, the tombstones up, and some spanish moss the graveyard looks wonderful
Another angle
At night
Woah, who took this bad picture? =D
Doll House
Doll Room. This room is another favorite. Like some people are afriad of clowns others are afraid of dolls. This is more of a "creepy" scare as opposed to a "boo" scare.
The haunt from afar
Another, I really need to learn how to take pictures in the dark.
The staff it took to bring it all together. (If you're interested, I'm the guy in black above the woman in the red and white outfit)