2000 Haunt
All the poles are set up ready to be connected
Another Angle
Far shot
The tops are connected making the structure very stable. Also, since we are using 3 foot wide hallways this makes for a very solid structure
Far shot
Here's the PVC fence that we made in place. It looks much better then on the ground
Sheeting is applied with duct tape
Outside angle
More Sheeting
At this point we've started putting the sheeting on the inside
This is a view of the entrance
More Sheeting
Covering the crawl space
Yeah, we know. A lot of shots of sheeting
Crawl space construction
Another Angle
Applying the head to the entrance way
Looks pretty good
Poka a dot room. This was a tremendous success
Arial View - As you can see it's a large maze. Notice how the pok a dot room needed to be covered
OOH! There was a strobe on this guy. He looked intimidating
Here's Joe (our corpse) hung up.
Long view of completed maze
Wow that sucker's big
Unfortunatly, our camera doesn't use film and doesn't take high speed photos. So, it's hard to get low light level pictures.
Here's a picture without the flash
As you come out of the poke a dot room you are presented with two choices. One is to go down the light room and the other is to go through the crawl space. Having two paths was a mistake because guests would usually only go down one way and the person who scares people down the path less travled got bored.
A view of the crawl space. We used malibu lighting to light certain areas.
F O G!
That was our VEI V-950 fogger. 1000w 20,000 cfm. When you need to fill a huge area quickly this is your ticket.
Yes, we did have a fog chiller for 2000. We spent 50 bucks for 50 pounds of dry ice to chill the fog. It looked good but was way too expensive. There's instructions to build the ultimate fog chiller in the 2001 projects section which we will be using for the year 2001.
As you can see, the chiller worked quite good. Though at 50 bucks a pop, it's not worth it every year.
It's getting close to dark
Here's one of the hallways filled with smoke and using a malibu light. For 40 bucks you can get a set of 6 lights with the ballest. Add in another 10 bucks (for 2) to make it 8 lights and you've got your cheap lighting.
Crawl Space
More Crawl Space
Sigh, even more crawl space
This is the hallway where the moonbeam light went (shoots rays of spinning light). The light was pointed at the guests and with the fog it has a great vortex effect
Here's the entrance at night. As you can see the eyes in the skull glow.
What the?!
Mummy operating the Fog Chiller
Our foam gravestones